We are suppliers of rainwater systems that are made from durable maintenance free copper & Colour Steel products, providing long lasting quality with aesthetically appealing design.


125mm O.G. Spouting

150mm O.G. Spouting

125mm 1/4 Round Spouting


Rectangle Downpipe

Round Downpipe

Other Spouting

Box Gutter

1/2 Round Spouting

Leaf Guard

Leaf guard prevents spouting from clogging with leaves and other debris. Leaf guard is available for both 125mm and 150mm Continuous Spouting and it comes in 1.2 metre lengths.

Our leaf guard is designed so that you can easily get in underneath it to maintain your gutters by giving them a good clean out with the hose and a soft bristle brush at least once a year (see FAQs for more information on this).

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Machine Sales

Do you want to start your own business? Then we can help you!

We are New Zealand's only New Tech distributor for roll-forming machines - we can supply you with a machine to suit your needs.

There are 3 types of machines available: 5", 6" or a 5/6" Combo.

The machines come with 2 uprights, 2 reels, a guillotine and 3 run out stands.The machines are converted to 240V and all ready to earn you dollars!

Continuous Spouting can supply you will everything you need from bracket screws and silicone to coils and downpipes.

We will give you training and provide you with ongoing support. We have the specifications for a trailer which you can use to transport your machine to any jobsite.

New Tech Machine on a trailer loaded with coil, all ready to go to the jobsite.

Side view of New Tech Machine with 2 cradles.

Loaded coil on the back end with the spouting coming out the front.

Front view of the New Tech Machine showing the profile of the spouting as it comes out.


Cradle loaded with copper coil.


What is the best order to do things in if I need new spouting and my roof needs painting?

First you would be best to paint the roof because then any of the paint that lands on the spouting will go when it is removed. Once the old spouting has been removed then paint the fascia and put the new spouting up.

Can I get a ballpark figure or a per metre rate over the phone?

The best thing to do is to get in contact with us so that we can come out and give you a free, no obligation quote as there are a lot of different variables when quoting for spouting and downpipes. It depends on things like how many angles, stops and drops there are, whether the house is two story or not, how far out of town the site is, etc.

How often do we have to maintain the spouting?

There is a 10 year guarantee on the Colour Steel but this is not valid if the spouting and downpipes are not keep clean and free of debris and leaves, etc. We suggest that you clean out your spouting and downpipes at least once a year (preferably in late winter/early spring).

The spouting needs to be cleared from and debris, leaves, etc then washed down with clean water and a soft-bristle brush. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself then get a professional in. It must be done on a regular basis to meet the terms of your warranty.

Do I need to repaint the spouting and downpipes?

Because we use Colour Steel the paint has been baked on and therefore does not have to be painted or touched up. This gives it an extremely durable paint system that resists UV damage and provides excellent gloss and colour retention.

Can I have Colour Steel downpipes if I have rainwater tanks?

If you are going straight into the rainwater tank then this is fine but if you are going down the wall and into a sealed storm water drain then you must use PVC downpipes because they have to be sealed.